The Launch Aus Group are proud to introduce the Launch’s New Golo 4. This exciting new and innovative product fits effectively into Launch’s existing range of Diagnostic Scan Tools.

While the Golo 4 can be used by car owners as a stand alone tool, its real benefits are when it is linked to a Launch Scan Tool such as the X-431 Pad II, X-431 Pro 3 or the X-431 Pro.

The details are all explained in the “Products” section, but a new world of remote diagnostics and much more becomes available for the first time at very affordable prices.

For the car owner, now  your car can be part of the Social Media phenomena, with remote tracking and expert help available anywhere there is a mobile signal.

For the Automotive Technician, you can service your customers remotely, with diagnostic help and code clearing.

For the business owner, you can track your company cars, record driver behavior, mileage and fuel consumption as well as stay on top of scheduled servicing.

Why Telematics in new cars is a threat to your business?

Not since the introduction of computer systems to vehicles has there been such an advance in technology that will change how customers will be treated by their service centres.

The release of Telematics in new cars can bind the dealerships with customers who purchase vehicles with this new technology. Telematics allows through WiFi direct access to the customers vehicle, allowing the dealership to create a unique relationship, with messaging of due services, advertising, problems that may occur with the vehicle etc through the cars radio.

Now Ford has joined Chrysler and others using telematics for their auto service lane. Automotive Aftermarket Technology

Now with Golo you can offer the same service and more than the dealerships. (See More…..)

This service will give peace of mind to owners that if a problem occurs than help will be available 24/7 anywhere there is WiFi coverage.