Golo X

Golo is an inexpensive telematics device that can be fitted to any vehicle (currently 12 volt systems only) that has an OBD connector and is OBD compliant allowing workshops with the new Launch Pro’s and Pad II to have remote access to the customers vehicle’s FULL SYSTEM. (see videos) Through telematics there is a host of other features for both the customer and workshop.

An ultra smart plug and play car device with real time vehicle monitoring.

As a personal vehicle monitoring device, golo 4 provides functions, such as vehicle fault diagnosis, positioning and tracking, data analysis, etc. for groups and individuals based on mobile network. It supports the uploading of vehicle data, location, etc to the server in real time so that users can know the vehicle conditions through network.

Golo X

Has a Bluetooth connection to your iphone/android and communicates through your phones WiFi. Allows the customer to interact with their service centre when problems occur.

Golo X

• WiFi hotspot with up to 6 devices
• Security –Electronic fence (message sent when car is driven out of designated area). Also message sent if vehicle is moved (inertia sensor)
• GPS tracking, records all trips (start and finish locations), replay trip (gives you speed and time).
• Records mileage,fuel, speed, AVG fuel in graph form (ATO record)
• Warns when faults occur (send message to nominated workshop)
• Driving behaviour warning, extensive idle or excessive fuel consumption warnings
• Inspection report on vehicles system (faults and description listed) share by forwarding
• Remote assistance from mechanic to read, clear codes or data stream on ALL VEHICLES MODULES
• Warns when low on fuel, service due (sends to workshop as well)
• Reminds when insurance, car registration or service is due (sends to workshop as well).Service history is stored in cloud.
• Online community for car drivers, mechanics and workshops (like Facebook)
• Share trips with friends (they can do this by just downloading the app)
• Management System for fleet owners available on mobile device or terminal

Travel track screen grab

Replay trip Screen grab

e-fence screen grab

Alerts Screen grab

Travel Screen grab

1. Support 3G communication function , support WiFi hotspot.
2. Support GPS and LBS.
3. Provide vehicle inspection, remote diagnosis, live monitoring, and DTC alarm functions.
4. Provide driving behavior analysis report.
5. Provide map related functions, such as driving record, e-fence, and live road conditions.
6. Build car related community, group, and life.
7. Provide anti-theft function.
8. Provide intelligent sleep and wakeup to keep low power consumption.
9. Support wireless remote automatic upgrade

Work voltage: DC9V-18V
Work current: 120mA
Storage temp: -30?-70?
Work temp: -20?-60?
Size: 59mm*50mm*23mm
Positioning mode: GPS+A-GPS

Launch’s software covers more vehicle models in greater depth than any other aftermarket scan tool.