ThinkTool Modules

Scope Box

  • Useful, Professional and Easy to Operate
  • 100M bandwidth, 4 channels
  • Up to 1GSa/s of sampling rate, with 50Mpts record length
  • Performs different vehicle ignition tests, and a variety of sensor and actuation tests
  • Supports multi-vehicle BUS decoding
  • Large touch screen + knobs + buttons for mixed operation for the ThinkTool

Thermal Imager

Identify Faults with a Massive Data Comparison
* 320×240 ultra high pixels, easy to view details
* 32.126F (0.07C) thermal sensitivity
* Massive automotive heat map library for comparison

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Battery Tester

Innovative Battery Testing, Leave the Traditional Way in the Past!
● Integrated with the ThinkTool HD screen for a clearer display
● High precision data monitoring, with more accurate results
● Supports detecting battery voltage, resistance, service life, current etc

Video Scope

See Deeper & Clearer, with More Details in Narrow Spaces
● 1280×720 high definition
● 59inch (150cm) super long hardwired coil
● 6 bright LED auxiliary lights
● Water, oil and corrosion resistant, IP67 rated with Alkali resistance


Quickly Print Diagnostic Reports Anytime Anywhere
● 3.1inch (80mm) paper width, 1.2inch/s (30mm/s) fast printing
● Intelligent notification for refilling paper
● Ultra-thick thermal coating, with contents retained for 10 years
● Works with the Modules Dock as a wireless printer


Ultra-High Intensity LED Worklight
● 3 level brightness adjustment
● 144 high intensity LED lights
● COB light source, 25,000K white light, long range illumination
● Long life expectancy, up to 10,000 hours
● Works with the Module dock

Module Dock

Let’s More Modules Work Together Simultaneously!
● Powered for the Think Work Light and Printer
● 9,000mAh ultra large battery capacity
● Real time display for remaining power
● PTZ universal nut socket for a tripod

ThinkTPMS G1 (ThinkTool Pro S only)

● 1.77 inch (45mm) display
● 168×128 resolution
● 3,000mAh battery
● Wireless TPMS Diagnosis via App or ThinkTool Pro S
● Reads sensor ID, pressure and temperature
● Reads battery low level condition
● Covers more than 95% of vehicle models with TPMS
● Programmes and Relearns ThinkCar dual frequency (315MHz & 433MHz)
● Performs tire pressure fault diagnosis, including reading DTC, clearing DTC and more

ThinkTPMS S1 (ThinkTool Pro S only)

● Dual frequency integration, 315MHz and 433MHz
● Covering up to 98% of vehicles
● Alternative to OE sensors, easy installation with unlimited programming functions
4-6 year battery life
● Equipped with advanced chip and tyre pressure valve accurate to 0.1 bar

● Battery Life                                        4-6 years/100,000kms
● Operating Temperature            -40C to +125C
● Working Humidity                     ≤90%
● Working Frequency                            433MHz/315MHz
● Pressure Monitoring Range       0 to 800kpa
● Pressure Reading Accuracy      ±10kpa
● Temperature Reading Accuracy          ±5C
● Transmission Power                 ±15%
● Battery Power                          3.0V
● Waterproof Rating                              IP67
● Dimensions (LxWxH)                71.5x40x15mm
● Weight                                     22gm

ThinkEasy Battery Tester

● A fast and accurate tool for car battery testing on your mobile by Bluetooth connection
● Displays the health status of the battery, and detects any damaged parts
● Checks the starting system and charging system of your vehicle
● Low battery inspection
● No heating, no sparks or operational risk

● Connection Mode                     Bluetooth + phone App
● Measuring CCA Range             100-1,000A
● Measuring Capacity Range       30-80Ah
● Measuring Voltage Range         11V – 16V
● Working Temperature               -20C to 50C