4 Post Hoists

4 Post Car Hoists

A wide range of durable Jager or Ascenta, reliable 2 post car hoists

4 post hoists to lift or store practically any vehicle

Engineered to meet the strenuous demands of any hoisting job, our HD Series and HDS Series 4 post hoists feature lifting capacities ranging from 3,100kg to a super-duty 18,000kg maximum. If you can drive it, chances are one of our HD Series or HDS Series 4 post hoists can lift it.
Our four post lifts aren’t just for servicing vehicles – they also work as extremely convenient garage parking and storage solutions. Securely leave your weekend car raised on the hoist, while your day-to-day ride easily parks beneath it.

Browse our wide range of versatile 4 post car hoists

Each HD Series 4 post model comes in several specialised configurations, including super-tall, wide, narrow, space-saver or regular, so you’re sure to find the perfect vehicle hoist for your needs.
All BendPak hoists are backed by 45 years of excellence and a reputation that carries as much weight as the hoist itself. We’re proud to have these HD and HDS Series car hoists in our line-up, and you’ll be proud to have one in your professional workshop or home garage.

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