Truck Hoists


Heavy Duty Truck Knuckle Lift

With a lift capacity of 25t this massive heavy duty knuckle lift is perfectly suited for the bigger side of lifting. Ideal for Lorries, trucks, buses and any other large capacity vehicle, this model is available in surface or flush mount. The KAR 250 is an electro-hydraulic pantograph lift with vertical raising, free of interference on the floor and ideal for heavy vehicle maintenance and lifting.

  • 25t lifting capacity
  • Flush or surface mount versions available
  • Electro-hydraulic pantograph vertical raising
  • Interference free floor space

Heavy vehicle in-ground lifts

The next big leap in lifting

Levanta has departed from the traditional understanding of in-ground lifts and is ready to install the lift of the future.
Your options include 2, 3, 4 or 5 lifting ram combinations from the steel cassette installed within your workshop floor.
Plug & play and you’re up!